Bold and minimalistic.

BTC APPAREL is designed to spread awareness and be recognized  by no-coiners and bitcoiners alike. Honey-badgers with laser eyes are cool but very few will get the message so here at BTC APPAREL we keep it stupidly simple.

QR-Code T-Shirt

Lightning QR-Code Bitcoin T-Shirt

Take your orange pilling to the next level by wearing your Lightning address on the sleeve. Show the power of Lightning Network to the no-coiner or get paid by the bitcoiner.

Check it out!
  • Bitcoin lightning accepted here

    No fiat. No shitcoins.

    We are Bitcoin/Lightning only and use OpenNode for payments. Spend and replace is how we encourage the creation of a circular bitcoin economy. Always support bitcoin companies when you have the option.

  • Free shipping

    Free worldwide shipping.

    We all love how bitcoin doesn’t care who you are or where you live, so we make it fair and simple here too. Always free shipping, for everyone. We are shipping wordwide and from multiple locations. More about shipping here.