Mission and how it started

So how did BTC APPAREL came to be? It actually started in the moment yourself are in right now, searching for some bitcoin -related clothes. But what I was looking for was nowhere to be found. First of all, it’s hard to find any stores that are focusing on bitcoin only. It’s a lot of “crypto” and “blockchain” out there. When I did find a shop with only bitcoin products, it was always with designs that fell into the following two groups.

1. Stuff that only bitcoiners would understand and recognize, HODL, BDFD, Stack sats etc. or 2. Too generic and loud, the standard bitcoin logo and the word bitcoin in different versions. Don’t get me wrong, I love bitcoin culture and memes, and there is a time and place for such clothes too, but this specific time I was looking for something else.

What I couldn’t find was something that could strike a balance between these two in a sophisticated way. I want to bring awareness to bitcoin and spread the mind-virus. But as we know, no-coiners with a fiat mindset can have some resistance to the idea of bitcoin, so we don’t want to trigger them to much with a big bright orange ₿ and the word bitcoin. But then on the other hand, not including the bitcoin ₿ is not optimal either. After all, the ₿ and the bitcoin “coin” is what we got to work with as a visual representation of this intangible asset.

With this train of thought I created the branding for BTC APPAREL. Still using the bitcoin logo but in a more modern, simplistic design, and more down-to-earth orange color. Instead of the word bitcoin I used BTC, and to spice it up I included the block height at the time I made this design. With this branding, I hope to bring awareness to bitcoin. Plant a seed in the no-coiner and be recognized by the bitcoiner.

Last but not least, I wanted to sell these clothes for bitcoin and bitcoin only. It is extremely difficult to find stores that are brave enough to be bitcoin only. For me, it’s a no-brainer. I want to encourage people to actually use the network. I want bitcoin-only companies to thrive, build a circular bitcoin economy, and I want to do my part.

That’s it! Thank you for visiting my store :)